Adrianne Grun
Islay, Canada
Ultrasound Technologist
English, Romanian
Certified in
I decided to change my life deliberately, and with this, everything related to me and what did not represent me anymore. Some transformation moments were slow and painful some were after an aha moment which was enlightening my soul. I did discover what it means to be a spiritual being, looking for answers. I did discover the animal kingdom with all its beauty through animal communication. I learned so much about animals through my dogs which were my best teachers. Every feeling, behavior of mine I did see in them took me a while to realize I need to change first. It was an extraordinary aha moment. I learned how to see and appreciate every plant, tree, insect, bird. Everything with life force inside. I learned to see them, feel them, listen to them, respect them, love them. I knew love and compassion through them. For the next 14 years, they were my family and still are. I did learn Riki, the universal energy, and its power of healing. I learned animal acupressure and realized I liked working with animals and interacting at a different level than before. The animal communication was helping me to find and heal easier the suffering in their little bodies. I am a lucky woman , who had the privilege to work for 20 years in the health care industry, enjoying every second on this journey. Were years of constant learning with hard work and a lack of personal time and self-care when I was putting myself last and giving my patient all the best in me: knowledge, compassion, care. I cried inside my heart for them on hard times and laugh out loud with them on good times, and for that time of work, they were my family. In the last four years, I spent this time in different communities across Canada, learned and saw different lifestyles, and have been part of their lives shortly. Last year I discovered Lifebook Program, a pleasant aha moment that changes my direction again. An old chapter is closing; a new one is open.

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Ultrasound Technologist
Hospital and Health Care

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