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What if I am the person you are meant with to connect today? Hi, I am Aaron! I am always hungry. For food, yes. And for knowledge & life itself. To do that, I give my best every day to grow as a person and search for new exciting ways to live my life! Some things that might interest you about me and I love talking about: 1. Lifebook 2. Self-educating oneself 3. Philosophizing around the truths of life 4. Sports (10X, Snowboarding, Surfing, Tennis and more) 5. Conscious Connecting & Partying I am eager to get to know you and what makes you jump out of bed every day!
What's essential? That is my leading question to provide you with the practices that make the most difference for your body. To do that, I will give you the one thing that I have found to be most helpful to generate a significant momentum in my life. It is about deep embodiment, mental fortitude & a revolutionary way of training. Maybe you have heard of it. It's called 10X. What's 10X? 10X offers a lifelong all-in one foundation for your health & fitness. In 30 min/week. That means boosting your strength, muscle growth & endurance at the same time! Importantly, Mindvalley offers a 10X Quest as part of the Mindvalley membership. And the quest awesome. And still, it is important to know how that having a 10X coach is different than doing the 10X Quest! I have created an overview to know exactly what fits you best. Check it out here: https://bit.ly/10XComparison I am currently working on a framework to distill even more practices that are essential for creating a powerful body - apart from 10X. That means: Sleep. Nutrition. Environmental Design. Movement. Inner Stillness. And habit design. Without putting the learnings in habits that actually stick, all the learnings will stay learnings. That is why I focus greatly on habits. But let's remember to put first things first: For me, that is 10X. Could it be the same for you? If so, I am more than accessible to have a call with you. In fact, I would love to get to know you. Not for selling something but for helping one more person on this earth to be a little better off. And if that is just a call to connect, I am happy! You can get a 30 min (free) call with me when clicking this link (takes 2 min): https://calendly.com/aaronelsner12032000/coffee

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