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Acie is a facilitator of change whose belief that life is actually meant to be fun is changing people's lives all over the world. She is an expansive and dynamic leader with incredible capacities to invite change where stagnation and limitation have taken hold. Acie travels the world inviting people to step out of their boxes of self-judgement and into different possibilities with their lives, living, bodies, and entire realities. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious and she continually invites you to choose more and trust in the awesomeness that is you. What if your life turned into a really fun adventure, without the incessant need to ‘get-it-right’, without continuously being berated by self-judgement, without the constant doubt and worry? If that were a possibility, would you choose it? Acie’s resilience and true joy for learning make her an ever evolving enthusiast of life and living. She continuously researches, studies, tests, tweaks, and hacks all things biohacking, personal development, physical enhancement, mental optimization, full body efficiencies, productivity, health, thrival and longevity. She brings to the table her wealth of knowledge and immense integrity in only sharing products and tools that she has personally vetted and genuinely uses and loves. She has lived and built private practices in America, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Portugal and works with several large international companies developing systems for efficiency and health optimization, collaborates on high level conferences with international audiences, and continues to grow a global network of clients and colleagues.

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