Agnieszka Dietrich 
Warsaw, Poland
Public Relations Manager
English, Slovak, Polish
Certified in
My name is Agnieszka Dietrich and I am a certified life coach. My mission and goal is to support and help others in making life decisions, find meaning in life and change the perception of how we see the world around us. My experience and personal growth have shown me that life can bring us fulfillment if we follow our intuition. We all, at some point come to cross-road where we don’t hear what the world is saying to us and we choose to follow the same road. I was at that cross-road too, yet I decided to choose a different road. A road of joy and happiness. I truly believe that we can all create our own lives by simply focusing on our inner selves and on what is good for us, what feeds us, what brings us joy and happiness. I would love to show you and be your guide to your own happy and fulfilled life.

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Public Relations Manager
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